Wednesday, 21 October 2015

FAQ-What Is The Significance Of Regular Menstrual Cycle When I Am Calculating Duration Of Pregnancy

What is the significance of regular menstrual cycle

When I am calculating the duration of my pregnancy, does it matter that my menstrual cycle has been regular or irregular


Ovulation occurs in the middle part of the cycle in a woman. 

For those women who have regular cycle,  it will occur somewhere around 14th day, starting the calculation from day 1 of menses.
In these women,  calculation of duration of pregnancy is more accurate.

When menstrual cycle is irregular,  the date of ovulation can not be determined accurately.
In these women,  calculation of duration of pregnancy is not accurate.

We need to determine the duration of pregnancy as the method of abortion by pills is generally offered to women whose pregnancy is less than 45 days duration.

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