Friday, 2 October 2015

Who Can Seek Abortion By Pills

There are certain criteria listed below, if you fulfill these,  you can avail the facility of safe abortion by pills in Kharghar.
-The duration of pregnancy should be less than 45 days
-The level of hemoglobin is preferred to be 10gm/dl or more 
-You should be normotensive - meaning, your blood pressure should be in normal limit. 
- There should be no known history of allergy to any of the medicines that need to be prescribed for abortion

Note: These simple measures of precaution will be taken by your Gynaecologist.

Dr. Himani Gupta 
Ph: 7506027299
Mother n Care Clinic. 
Shri Row House.
F 44/30. Sector -12. 
Near Shivaji Chowk. 

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