Sunday, 5 June 2016

Real Women-Real Experiences-2

Real Women-Real Experiences-2

A 26 years old unmarried woman,  underwent abortion by tablets a couple of weeks back. 
She is working and living in a different town than her parents. 
A complication of excessive bleeding arose and subsequently she also required a DNC 
Amongst all of that,  the parents were unaware of her struggle with medical condition. 
She being scared to tell them. 
Medically speaking, she was managed.
What about our social responsibility. 
In changing social scenario,  we as Gynaecologists are seeing such cases on a rise. 
Probably the influence is Western. It requires further research into what is leading to changed sexual and social behavior of today's youth. 
Why unwanted pregnancies are on a rise. 
Pregnancy rate is increasing in unmarried couples, but our social structure is yet to change. 
These pregnancies are not resulting in live births. 
Naturally demand for abortions and the resultant complications are on rise. 
Low health, subsequent infertility, guilt, shame,  woman's desire to go back to virginal state as now she is getting married to a different man.
All of these clinical conditions we are seeing,  are probably 10 times more than just a decade back. 
Education, awareness and easy and safe access to medical facilities is the need of the hour

More and more people are adopting abortion by tablets method. My Gynaec World and its team of doctors from Kharghar , Navi Mumbai is committed to provide quality care for these patients and at the same time maintaining confidentiality.
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