Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Real women real experiences-3

Real women real experiences-3

A 32 year old married woman, she has taken abortion tablets one month prior. Bleeding happened normally and the process of abortion was complete.
The next month, again the periods were overdue. 
On checking , the results showed that she is pregnant again.
Repeat procedure of taking abortion pills needed to be carried out .

The point here is , that in the time period after taking abortion pills, it is very important to use alternative methods of contraception/family planning( precautions ) so that you are not pregnant again.
In the next month you may plan for regular contraceptives like oral pills, Copper-T, injectable contraceptive or may even adopt permanent method of sterilisation.
In case of female it may be laparoscopic tubal ligation.
In case of male it is vasectomy

Repeated abortions by tablets is a health hazard
It may lead to anaemia, chronic ill health, vaginal infections and white discharge and future infertility.

My Gynaec World and its team of Gynaecologists advises all women of child bearing age to consult their Gynaecologist at the start of the sexual activity , so they can adopt regular contraception methods and stay healthy

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