Monday, 22 August 2016

Abortion a Sin- What is abortion or miscarriage?

Abortion a sin ... Abortion or miscarriage is the term used to describe the event of untimely termination of pregnancy. If the growing pregnancy is not healthy or malformed it may spontaneously get terminated.

Another kind is when there are certain indications to medically terminate the pregnancy as the pregnancy is either unwanted, unplanned or the couple involved is not married yet.

In these cases the treating Gynecologist faces management challenges.Every medical procedure comes with its inherent risks and complications.

A couple seeking counseling should understand that future fertility may be compromised as a result of
repeated procedures.The woman may experience chronic ill health if she has infections or blood loss.

Psychologically also it leaves an delayed impact . Woman may have feelings of guilt, shame later on. She may experience frigidity in her personal intimate relationships.

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