Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Real women –Real experiences-4 Abortion by tablets

Real women –Real experiences-4

A mother brought her daughter for consultation who was of 17 years of age. They had married her one year ago but the ceremony of ‘Gauna’ was yet to be performed. Meanwhile she was meeting up with her husband and now she was pregnant.  They were from village and belonged to poor socioeconomic strata.
Obviously the pregnancy is unwanted.
Termination of unwanted pregnancy in underage patients requires certain legal and social formalities.
 Many a private practitioners will be unwilling to take such responsibility.
There is a long waiting list in Govt. run hospitals and setup. Privacy also is an issue and patients are unwilling to opt for such facility.
In such desperate situations ,patients may fall into wrong hands and become prey of illegal practices

The heart of the problem lies in continued education and making rules simpler for the Gynaecologists and health care providers for easy and safe accessibility to abortions either by tablets or surgical D&C

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