Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Real Women- Real Experiences -6

Real Women- Real Experiences -6

Today I want to discuss the emotional and social  dilemma faced by a couple who were facing the situation of untimely pregnancy, hence unwanted pregnancy.

Urban social scenario is changing.
People are getting married in their late twenties.
After marriage too there is a great financial demand on both husband and wife.
To meet these goals and also to get to know each other, they do not want a child soon after marriage.

Sadly very few men and women seek pre-marital or birth control counselling and land up with unwanted pregnancy.

One such couple was seen in the OPD.  Parents of both husband and wife were in their respective hometown.
Now the couple did not have the heart to tell either set of parents about this pregnancy as they feared that they will be pressurised into continuing which they did not want.
Further, they were concerned about future fertility issues as both were nearing 30 years of age.
Matter was further going to be made complex by the arrival of mother-in -law in next week.
If mother-in -law senses pregnancy in her daughter-in-law, the couples decision will get affected which in turn might affect their life -planning.

With lot of anxiety and after deep counselling about the risk and complications and future outcome of next pregnancy planning, they opted for process of D & E- surgical evacuation of pregnancy in uterus.

By grace of God, no complication arose in the case .

The point here is that it may not be so in all cases.
Complications are part of any surgical procedure.

Future fertility may get affected because of the procedure.
Lady may have difficulty in conceiving later because of so many other factors and advancing age leading to subfertility.

Guilt and shame then become a constant in the couple's relationship.
They may end up blaming each other for the decision of letting go of a naturally occurring pregnancy which actually was taken with mutual consent.

My Gynaec World advises all couples to seek birth control advise as soon as they enter in to a sexual relationship. Whether married, unmarried or in a living in relationship.

So many effective contraceptive methods are there, birth control pills, regular use of condoms etc.

The situation of unwanted pregnancy need not arise if precautions for unwanted pregnancy are taken.

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