Thursday, 27 October 2016

Real Women-Real Experiences-7

Real Women-Real Experiences-7

A 24 year old unmarried woman was came to the clinic complaining of bleeding and pain at private parts.
She had attempted intercourse with her fiance for the first time a couple of days back.
She has been in the steady relationship with him over past 4 years.
On examination by the Gynaecologist, it was found that there was injury at perineum (private parts) and she had active bleeding from that site.
She required suturing of the wound and antibiotics.
Though she took the treatment as advised but she was scared that her family should not come to know about her problems as she was going to her hometown for Diwali vacation.
Gynaecologist also needed to give her 'Emergency Contraceptive Pill' to protect her from unwanted pregnancy.

The emotional impact was also significant on the couple. The girl in question was angry at her beau and did not want to either speak to him or continue with the relationship.The guy was both scared and anxious that he would lose the love of his life.
Apart from medical treatment the couple will also require psychological counselling to maintain healthy future relationship.

The point here is that there is need for awareness programmes for the youngsters in our society about sexual health & relationship management. They need to learn to utilise their time effectively in productive activities. The communication gap between parents and youngsters need to be bridged.

And last but not the least timely advise of a Gynaecologist should be sought in cases of medical need.

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