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Women Empowerment -A Reality or Myth

Women Empowerment -A Reality or Myth

Saving the girl child and women empowerment are talked about a lot. When we actually look into the lives of real women, we find that what we say is much farther from the truth. 
Dr. Deepa Kala - a  senior Gynaecologist practising in Seawoods, Navi Mumbai has penned down beautifully these very emotions in the form of a POEM.

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Dr. Himani Gupta

                           AM   I  REALLY   FREE

Day in and Day out I hear about womens liberation thee,
But as I look around I ponder
Am I really free.
A result of their love I am,
Still they rethink if they really want me,
Just because it’s a she.
My mother sheds tears of joy on holding me in her arms,
While the absence of a heir the whole house mourns,
Her controlled dance of joy makes me think –
 Is she really free ?
Laxmi of the home they call her,
Having a say in spending money is another matter,
Annapurna of the home she is called
But she has the morsel which is left last,
She is catering to all demands
But has no one to demand from.
Her daily struggle makes me wonder,
Is she really free ?

Unequal distribution of food and fruit, a bias for games,
The drooping of faces as my brothers fare poorer than me,
Things I could not explain as I grew now make me think
Am I really free.
Prospective grooms my family screens
And I feel like I am in a scanner,
The exchange of green finally decides my life partner
And I am left thinking Am I really free.
I have a new name , A new home,
But my role remains the same,
I am told when to eat or sleep,
Choice of  job or home is made for me
Even after loosing my identity, Am I really free?
First I was in my father’s home,
Then I am in my husband’s home,
The home is incomplete without me,
But which is really my home?
These questions in my mind trouble me all through
And I continue to wonder Am I really free?

Life comes fullcircle and I am holding my daughter in my arms,
The family scene seems similar but I laugh and sing to express my joy,
Finally I have the chance to be a drop of change in the sea,
And I am going to set my princess free.
                                                                    By : Dr. Deepa Kala
                                                                  Nerul, Navi Mumbai

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