Friday, 17 February 2017

Abortion by Tablets-Real Women,Real Experiences-9

Abortion by Tablets-Real Women,Real Experiences-9

A 22 year old unmarried women, resident of Khanda Colony, Panvel  came for consultation regarding unwanted pregnancy.She was accompanied by her elder sister. They were looking for option of ' Abortion by tablets'. As the stage of pregnancy was more advanced than permissible limit of tablets, surgical method -D & E ( Dilatation & Evacuation ) was suggested.
Subsequently procedure was carried out uneventfully. 
During counselling, they shared that parents were unaware of the situation.
The boyfriend responsible was nowhere to be seen.
Though recovery in this procedure takes a few hours and patient is discharged the same day, in this particular case, they stayed in the hospital till next day.
Such that when she reaches home , no sign of weakness could be made out by the parents.

We have empathy for this young generation. They are ignorant of the health hazards & long term complications .
Non communication with parents and elders make them vulnerable to falling in wrong hands/ quacks.

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