Thursday, 3 November 2016

Abortion By Tablets-Real Women -Real Experiences-8

Abortion By Tablets-Real Women -Real Experiences-8
Role of 'Sex education' and awareness about contraception (birth control measures)

A 19 year old female patient came to the OPD for consultation about her missed periods and subsequent diagnosis of unwanted pregnancy of approximately one and a half month duratio. She was accompanied by her living in partner.
Her relationship was disapproved by her own parents hence she could not take support of them at the time of difficulty in her life.
After counselling , the couple opted for termination of pregnancy by taking tablets.
For the girl, the experience was unpleasant as away from home and security she was dealing with unfamiliar life changing experience.
The couple was also apprehensive about future repercussions on fertility.
Though an expert Gynaecologist will take all necessary precautions to make the procedure safe for the woman, still all medical procedures have their own inherent complications and long term effects. They can be both physical and emotional.
The point here is that our social structure is changing. The meaning of 'Couple' does not necessarily involve marriage. Today's generation of parents should accept this new reality and continue to be a guide and mentor for their children.
Role of 'Sex education' and awareness about contraception (birth control measures) will prevent many complications of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

'My Gynaec World' along with it's team of expert Gynaecologists conducts regular sessions for youngsters about correct use of contraceptive methods and prevention of unwanted pregnancy.

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