Sunday, 15 January 2017

Let's Create Awareness-1

Let's Create Awareness-1

Navi Mumbai is a Modern city and an advanced level education centre. Many reputed business schools, fashion institutes and medical colleges are located here along with other graduate and post graduate institutes.

Students of different parts of Maharashtra and for that matter all over India come to this city, stay in hostels and get their education. Along with the students who are residents of Navi Mumbai.The young population also include professionals who are either staying on their own, in paying guest facility or with their families.

What we are  discussing here today is the behavioural liberalisation of young generation.
We as associated Gynaeclogists of My Gynaec World In Navi Mumbai area, bring into light , that  liberal behaviour has its consequences.

We are absolutely non-judgemental about the choices that we as human beings make but these liberal choices  have some consequences on physical and mental health.

One such consequence is Unwanted Pregnancy.

As a Gynaecologist when we are clinically managing such situations, these young couples sometimes share their lives with us.

When they come for consultation they are apprehensive, anxious and afraid.
Many young people have not told their parents about the pregnancy, which increases their difficulty when their case is being managed.

There are some questions which crop up in us treating Gynaecologist's mind.

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